Professional Grade Cabinets


Tired of looking at those dingy, press wood cabinets? Looking to upgrade to quality hardwood cabinets but were afraid of the cost? Well your dreams are about to come true!! First, we can supply you with quality cabinets at a substantial savings over any cabinet supplier in Hawaii. And, we will assemble for FREE, upgrade to "soft close" drawers and doors for FREE, deliver anywhere on Oahu for FREE, and as an added bonus, we will provide quality pulls and handles for FREE!! What a deal!!


We are a small, quality minded operation, have been helping Hawaii residents for over 30 years, and do not advertise. All other cabinet suppliers will charge for assembly, charge for delivery, and charge for pulls and handles.

Secondly, we can demo your existing cabinets, and install for a fraction of the cost of anyone qualified! Thirdly, we can install granite counters with precision, at again, a fraction of the cost of anyone!!

Your absolute satisfaction is our top priority, and we do everything possible to assure that you leave a happy customer. 


Below are a few examples of the work we can provide for your home or business. 



cabinet 2

cabinete 1

granite 5

About Us


We are a locally owned and operated business here in Oahu.  We have been around for over 30 years working on construction projects ranging from granite countertop installations, cabinets, and painting projects.  We specialize in both home and business needs.


Call or email today for a free estimate on your project. 


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