Quality Painting for Your Home or Business


Need to paint your home or business?  We can help. Today's painting technology has advanced in line with other industries. In the modern world, it is now possible to paint your home one time correctly, and never having to paint ever again. It is that good.


How about a product endorsed by the U.S. Department of Energy that reflects the harmful sun's rays, and cools your interior up to 40 degrees, guaranteed, and a written lifetime warranty against fading, chipping, peeling. Why keep painting over and over every few years, when done correctly once, you will be assured of a lifetime warranty?


Yet having this technology available, people shop for price, and get stuck with an inferior product that will eventually fade, chip, peel, and stuck with a hot interior home.


Because we are a locally owned and operated business, we are able to provide a quality product that is custom tailored to your needs at the lowest cost possible.  Your absolute satisfaction is our top priority, and we do everything possible to assure that you leave a happy customer.


Below are a few examples of the work we can provide for your home or business. 

paint 1

paint 2

paint 3

About Us


We are a locally owned and operated business here in Oahu.  We have been around for over 30 years working on construction projects ranging from granite countertop installations, cabinets, and painting projects.  We specialize in both home and business needs. 


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